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4 Stroke 9.8hp 


Tohatsu 4-stroke benefits:

  •  Light and compact!

  •  Designed with proven technology

  •  Available in a wide variety of models

  •  Advanced cross flow induction for smooth operation

  •  Greatly reduced vibration for smooth and stable running at all  speeds

  •  Greatly reduced induction noise for a quieter ride

  •  Larger capacity oil reservoir foor optimum lubrication

  •  Tuned intake system for crisp takeoffs

  •  Trim tab reduces steering effort, functioning also as the  sacrificial anode that protects the engine from electrolysis

  •  Ultra Low emission 3 star OEDA rating


Easy operation and handling:

  •  Digital CD ignition for easier engine starting, quicker throttle  response and smoother trolling

  •  Fast-idle choke system eliminating the need for manual choke  operation

  •  Recoil starter with larger reel making manual starting fast and  easy

  •  Shallow water drive, 6 positions*

  •  Adjustable steering and throttle friction for reduced steering  effort

  •  Front mounted gear shift for easier operation*

  •  Remote control*

  •  Power Tilt*

  •  Ultra Long model available in manual start and tiller only. Kits  available for other models**


Fundamentals for user convenience and reliability

  • Through the pro exaust for a quieter ride

  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system

  • Stainless steel water pump housing for durability

  • High grade marine aluminium alloy that provides protection against corrosion

  • Zinc coating on internal ater passages for corrosion resistance

  • Plastic 12ltr fuel tank including tank fitting, fuel hose and fuel gauge in cap

  • Aluminium propeller



  • Low oil pressure indicator

  • Safety lanyard

  • Start in-gear- protection

  • Over-rev limiter

*Certain Models  **Contact Dealer for costing.


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