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4 Stroke MFS30CS 


Tohatsu 4-stroke benefits:

  •  Designed with proven technology

  •  Advanced cross-flow induction for smooth operation

  •  Canister style oil filter for easy replacement

  •  Larger capacity oil reservoir for optimum lubrication

  •  Tuned intake system for crisp takeoff

  •  Ultra low emission 3 star OEDA rating

  •  New Sleek Cowl Design

  •  Easy Water Flush System

  •  TOCS - Tohatsu Onboard Communication System (optional looms and gauges/electronics required

  •  Manual version dry weight 71.5kg. Forward Control Power Tilt (EPTL) 82.5kg. Multi Function Tiller Power Tilt (EFTL) 86.5kg.


High Performance and Easy Operation:

  • Electronic fuel injection

  • The boating industry’s first battery-free, manual start EFI 4-stroke

  • Digital CD ignition system for quicker starts

  • Large alternator and rectifier for superior battery charging

  • Adjustable steering friction and trim tab for reducing steering effort

  • Front mounted shift lever for easier operation

  • New Gear ratio 2.17:1 improves performance

  • Trim settings, 6 positions*

  • Power trim *

  • Remote control **

  • Optional Gauges available (no gauges supplied)

  • Compatible with TOCS (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System) **

  • Variable Idling Control (850, 950, 1050 r/min) for trolling purposes on Forward Control and Multi function Tiller models only.

*Certain models **Remote control models


Fundamentals for user convenience and reliability:

  •  Stainless steel water pump housing for outstanding durability

  •  High grade marine aluminium alloy that provides the  ultimate protection against corrosion

  •  Zinc coating on internal water passage for superior  corrosion resistance

  •  Decompression device for ease of manual starts

  •  25ltr Fuel Tank includes fuel fitting and fuel line

  •  Aluminium propeller


Warning and protection:

  •  Low oil pressure warning (visual and audible)

  •  Overhead warning (audible)

  •  Safety Lanyard

  •  Start-in-gear protection

  •  Over-rev limiter



Engine:                                                               3-Cylinder

Displacement:                                                      526cc (32.09 cu. in.)

Bore & Stroke:                                                     61 x 60mm (2.4 x 2.36 in.)

Starting:                                                             Electric & Manual or Manual

Controls:                                                            Tiller Handle or Remote Control

Gear Shift:                                                          Forward - Neutral - Reverse

Gear Ratio:                                                         2.17 : 1

Propeller Pitch Range:                                         8” - 14”

Transom Height:                                                 15”, 20” 

Fuel:                                                                 Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)

Oil Type:                                                            Tohatsu 4Stroke Engine Oil Refer Owners Manual

Fuel Tank:                                                          25 ltr separate tank

Weight (Min Version):                                          71.5 kgs

RPM Range:                                                        5250  -  6250                           

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