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TLDI 90hp - Product Information


Tohatsu TLDI® 90 benefits:
> Air assisted direct fuel injection system that provides excellent fuel economy
> Extremely quiet operation
> Excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio
> Lightweight and compact
> Very low emission, EPA and CARB approved


High performance and easy operation:
> Inductive ignition system for reliable starting
> Outstanding acceleration
> Electronic oil pump for more precise oil regulation throughout the rpm range
> Oil reservoir located on the top of the motor for quicker and easier refill onboard
> Multi-point oil injection system to more completely lubricate vital engine components
> Power Trim & Tilt
> Side Mount Remote control box rig kit , Tachometer and Trim Gauge (Optional gauges available)


Warning and Protection:
>Low oil level warning (visual and audible)
>Overheat warning (visual and audible)
>Battery voltage warning (visual only)
>Start in gear protection for safer engine starting
>Safety lanyard (an essential protection feature )
>Over-rev .limiter
>High-altitude compensation kits (optional)

Engine:                            3-Cylinder

Displacement:               1267cc (77. 3 cu. in.)
Bore & Stroke:               86 x 72. 7 mm (3.39 x 2.86 in.)
Starting:                          Electric
Controls:                         Remote Control
Gear Shift:                      Forward - Neutral - Reverse
Gear Ratio:                     2.3: 1
Propeller Pitch Range: 11” - 21” Optional
Transom Height:           20”, 25”
Fuel:                                 Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)
Oil Type:                          Refer Warranty book for Specific Oil
Fuel Tank/Hose:            Optional
Weight (Min Version):  153 kgs
RPM Range:                    5,150 - 5,850

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