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Infanta Thundercats

Congratulations on purchasing an Infanta Thundercat from Neptune Marine.


Neptune Marine and Infanta have agreed that Neptune will be the sole importer for Australia and New Zealand. Neptune Marine will be happy to talk to interested parties for distribution rights to their particular areas.


Neptune has become over the last decade, the World's No. 1 Dealer in Thundercats and have remained heavily involved in racing and the Brisbane Coast Thundercat Branch.


We have had experience with all thundercat brands both in racing and retail, but have been looking for a higher benchmark - a real quality seam-welded boat, the ultimate performer.  Infanta is that boat.  Come and talk to the boys at Neptune who have over 30 years of racing experience between them.


In our latest competion at King of Coolum, Infanta placed 1st and 3rd in A Grade.  Both boats were powered by motors supplied by Neptune Marine and built by their highly qualified mechanic (Cameron Adshead) who has been racing in NZ for a number of years having won the National Championships.  Cameron was the principal mechanic in NZ racing maintaining several of the top boats racing in this competition over the past several years.



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