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Forward Control

Standard Kit

Tiller Steer

Includes standard rig kit and stainless prop to $500



Jam Packed

Weighing in at 110kg, the water-cooled, 998cm3 three-cylinder BF60 incorporates electronic fuel injection, Honda's revolutionary Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) air/fuel ratio and ignition-timing technology, and lean burn control to deliver powerful start-up and acceleration together with outstanding fuel economy during cruising (ECOmo).  A high-performance gear case further contributes to the BF60's impressive performance by reducing hull porpoising and minimising spray, thus increasing acceleration and top speed.  Along with its powerful 17amp alternator, the BF60 can communicate with onboard electronics via its NMEA2000 compatibility, to deliver a wide range of information to your head-unit displays.


Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST)

Hole shot and acceleration are both improved by MBT trace control (ignition timing) on the BF60. MBT - Minimum advance for Best Torque.  The Advanced ignition timing develops more horsepower at low revs to get the hull up on the plane quicker. You're sure to be impressed with its super-strong acceleration , especially over your first 50 metres!  This patented technology from Honda pioneers a new age in Four-Stroke outboard engines, and will be the benchmark for future Honda engine designs.


Multi-Function tiller Handle

The BF60's multi-function tiller handle incorporates a power trim-tilt switch in the throttle grip, so you can trim the engine while underway and remain completely focused on the water.  Other tiller handle functions include handle height adjustment, throttle friction adjustment and tool-less steering grip friction adjustment. The BF60's reversible shift lever can also be mounted on either the left or right side. 

And the handle also comes standard with a trolling control switch, meaning you can make fine speed adjustments (per 50RPM between 750-1000RPM) with a single switch operation.


More Features

For one, the BF60's Programmed Electronic Fuel Injection delivers the precise amount of fuel/air to each cylinder. The result is an easy start and instant throttle response with superior fuel efficiency.  Its Engine Alert System uses visual, audio and RPM reduction circuits to keep you aware of overheating, low oil PSI and over-revving, preventing engine damage.  And the BF60 engine features the lightweight Mikuni long tube intake track system, which helps build low-end torque. All these features are designed to help you enjoy your time on the water more.



Along with Honda’s Programmed Fuel Injection, the BF60 incorporates Lean Burn Control technology, which allows combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel ratio than stoichiometric air/fuel. An O2 sensor, together with the ECM, precisely controls the air/fuel mixture for the best fuel economy at cruise setting. The mode in which lean burn control is used during cruising to achieve higher fuel economy is referred to as ECOmo (Economy Controlled Motor).


Corrosion Protection System

A patented 'Double Sealed' multi-layered paint process. Sacrificial anodes and stainless steel technology, along with water resistant connectors, all enhance corrosion protection.





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