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What is covered?

Highfield boats are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the period described hereafter:


Duration of cover

The entire vessel is covered for a period of two (2) years from the date the product is sold.
The hull structure is covered by a five (5) years warranty.
For commercial use or hire, the entire vessel has a one (1) year warranty.



Warranty coverage is available only to customers that purchase from an authorized Highfield dealer. Routine maintenance outlined in the Owner’s manual must be performed in a timely manner in order to maintain warranty coverage. If the retail customer performs this maintenance, Highfield Boats reserves the right to make future warranty coverage contingent on proof of proper maintenance.


Powder Coating

The powder coating is warranted for a period of 2 years against manufacturing defects.
This warranty excludes damage due to misuse of the boat and chemical or mechanical shocks such as:
· collision, fire, theft, riot, etc.
· alteration, modification, tampering
· environmental corrosion and shocks due to acid rain, chemical fallout, industrial pollution, bird lime, tree sap, hail, extreme weather, etc.


What Highfield Boats will do

Highfield Boats sole exclusive obligation under this warranty is limited to, at our option, repairing a defective part, replacing such part or refunding the purchase price of the Highfield Boats product. The repair, replacement of parts, or the performance of service under this warranty does not extend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiration date.


How to obtain Warranty Coverage

The customer must provide Highfield Boats with a reasonable opportunity to repair, and reasonable access to the product for warranty service. Warranty claims shall be made by delivering the product for inspection to a Highfield Boats dealer authorized to service the product. If the service provided is not covered by this warranty, the purchaser shall pay for all related labor and material, and any other expenses associated with that service. The purchaser shall not, unless requested by Highfield Boats, ship the product or parts of the product directly to Highfield Boats. Proof of purchase and ownership must be presented to the dealer at the time warranty service is requested in order to obtain coverage.


Warranty Extension

Warranty extension becomes available upon proper registration of the product by the owner via Highfield Boats warranty website: Product must be registered within sixty (60) days from the date the product is purchased.
Warranty extension covers the ability of the tube fabric to hold air to ISO 6185 (airtightness test).
Duration of the coverage:
Tube made of ORCA® (Hypalon) fabric: ten (10) years from vessel date of purchase.
Tube made of Valmex® (PVC) fabric: five (5) years from vessel date of purchase.
Warranty extension does not apply if the vessel is used for rental or commercial use. Warranty extension does not apply on the tube seams.


What is not covered

This limited warranty does not include damage due to misuse abuse, negligence, improper or inadequate storage or transportation, or to any Highfield boat which is used in a manner contrary to directions or instructions indicated in the Highfield Owner’s Manual.
The warranty does not cover routine maintenance items, adjustments, normal wear and tear, puncture, discoloration, oxidation, abrasion, mildew or damages due to theft, loss, modification or alteration.
Wear parts including but not limited to rubbing strake, keel guard, ropes are not covered by the warranty.
This warranty shall be ineffective if the boat has been operated without proper inflation, or with an outboard motor which exceeds the maximum horsepower rating listed on the serial plate attached to the transom.
Powder coating condition is not covered by our warranty due to the specific exposed nature of the product, for best long term protection, ensure that your surfaces are rinsed with fresh water after every use and are cleaned immediately of any substances that may stick to the paint surface and cause discoloration or damage. We recommend scratches and dents to be repaired as soon as possible after they occur.
Use of the product for racing or other competitive activity voids the retail warranty.
Expenses related to haul-out, launch, towing, storage, transportation, telephone, rental, inconvenience, slip fees, insurance coverage, loan payments, loss of time, loss of income, or any other type of incidental or consequential damages are not covered by this warranty.


Transfer of Waranty

The limited warranty is transferable to a subsequent purchaser, but only for the remainder of the unused portion of the limited warranty. This does not apply if the vessel is used for rental or commercial use.
To transfer warranty please send an email with the below information to

– Copy of the sale agreement
– HIN number of the craft
– Name, address, email address of new owner

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