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Stessel Boats​

Known  as  the  “ PLATERIX SERIES II” hull, the plate boats are a fully welded construction system that are incredibly strong, producing a great ride and something that will last forever. The boats cover a range from 4.8m to 6.1m and include designs of our  latest  COASTRUNNER walk around Centre Cabin, the very popular SEAHAWK  Half Cabin,  Trophy Centre Console,  Bluewater  Deluxe Runabout and  Funseeker Bowrider.

We have  a  team of  skilled and dedicated tradesmen who pride themselves in quality.  All  boats  built by our team can be customized to suit your needs.

Bluewater Runabout Plate Series
Trophy Centre Console Plate Series
Funseeker Bowrider Plate Series
Seahawk Half Cabin Plate Series
Coastrunner Centre Cabin Plate Series
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