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Ceasar Thundercats

Ceasar Inflatables was established almost 20 years ago as a small business run from home and has expanded tremendously over the last 15 years due to their concentrating on developing the best fully inflatable race boat ever.

Ceasar Inflatables is also the first manufacturer in the World to make use of a water ballast on the latest model racing inflatables.

Ceasar Inflatables also manufactures semi-rigid inflatable boats and a wide variety of other water toys and accessories suited for these crafts.

Ceasar can design and custom build almost any type of inflatable craft you may require.

Ceasar Racing


We can describe the Ceasar Thundercat in one word 'AWESOME'. It was designed for racing but can offer the same excitement as a leisure craft. Including the engine the boat only weighs 150kg and can exceed speeds of 75kph in its standard form.Ceasar racing inflatables have become one of the most popular racing inflatables available on the market and have proven to be one of the best there is.

It is constructed from the highest quality PVC, and each boat is hand-built to ensure first-class quality. The quality control is undertaken by the boat designer himself to ensure the each boat meets his specification.

The Trans Agulhas is the World’s longest inflatable boat race where competitors cover 1000 kilometers over five days of racing. Ceasar Inflatables has won many of these titles over the past ten years. This race plays a big part in the development of our product as it is imperative to build a boat that suits all weather conditions.

Ceasar Racing Bullet


Features & Advantage:
• Provides pilot and co-pilot with an easy to handle yet comfortable ride even in the roughest conditions.
• Full aluminium transom.
• Foot straps for the pilot and co-pilot.
• Pump, paddles and repair kit.


 Length: 4100mm                                                         Beam: 2020mm
 Weight: 70Kg                                                                Max Engine Size: 55hp
 6 footstraps                                                                  3 Storage pouches                                                   

 Can exceed speeds of 100kph                               • Made from the highest quality PVC
 Can tow skiers & watersport toys                        Superb on flat water or in surf.
 Only draws 10cm when on the plane                  Fast drain transom, will never take on water
 Very stable at speed and when at rest                Can be deflated for storage


Ceasar Fatboy


The Ceasar Fatboy is a 5.3m version of the famous Thundercat. It is incredibly stable at speeds and at rest due to it's catamaran design. It is designed as a race boat / adrenaline boat for those seeking extreme sport and is awesome for 2/3 people to fly across the water at high speeds in comfort and safety. Except for the transom, floor boards and nose-cone, the whole boat is inflatable so it is able to flex far more than a RIB. This gives you softer re-entry and absorbs short chop very well.

The Ceasar Fatboy is designed to plane on the hijackers which means that when the boat is on the plane it has a minimum area in contact with the water. This minimal contact enables higher speeds using a smaller engine and thus offers very good fuel efficiency.  The other main difference between this design and a mono-hull is that this boat does not lean on cornering. This allows you to change direction quickly and more precisely; it corners as if it were on rails.  The boat will pull up skiers with no problem at all; ski hooks are fitted through the transom as standard.

The floor of the Fatboy is constructed of marine plywood with a fiberglass outer lining. There are two floor boards joined in the centre by an aluminium strip. If the boat is deflated then these can be removed. Depending on the seating and rigging layout, it is possible to fold the boat in half, lengthways for storage. To remove the cabling and electronics from the engine is a fairly lengthy job and we would not recommend doing this unless the boat was to be stored for a prolonged period.


• Length - 5300mm                                                                • Beam - 2700mm
• Sponson material - PVC                                                    • Sponson diameter - 650mm
• No. of air chambers - 4                                                      
• Recommended tube pressure - 3.2psi

• Recommended hijacker pressure - 9psi                      • Passenger(s) max - 6
• Dry weight – 120kg                                                             • Recommended engine - 90hp
• Max engine - 90hp                                                              • Min engine - 60hp
• Shaft length - Long                                                             • Fuel tank - 50ltr
• Steering - Cable                                                                   • CE category - C

Mini Thundercat


The Ceasar Mini Thundercat is a fast exciting Rigid Inflatable boat designed for children. It can go almost everywhere the Thundercat can, but with a smaller engine and lower speeds. This Mini Thundercat is ideal for the kids.

 Length: 3000mm                                                                     Beam: 1200mm
 Weight 50kg                                                                              4 foot straps
 Max Engine Size: 18hp                                                           Max speed: 35mph
 Choice of colours                                                                     Easy to launch
 Fast drain transom                                                                 Can be deflated for storage   

• Depth of water drawn, 100mm when on the plane    • made from the highest quality PVC

• Excellent fuel consumption                                            

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