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315 Angler


Length Overall                       3.55m
Length Bow to Transom    3.55m
Beam                                         1.65m
Depth                                        0.85m
Bottom Sheet                         1.6mm
Side Sheet                                1.6mm
Transom                                   Short Shaft
Weight (boat only)                76kg
Horsepower Rec.                   9hp
Horsepower Max                   15hp
Pax                                              3 ppl
Max Transom Weight           58kg

2x Rowlocks Blocks
Anchor shelf with tie off point
Back board
Bow handle x2
Cross thwart flotation
Double bow eye
External keel



Screw in bung x2 small 25mm

Solid transom corners
Transom strut
Two transom handles
Cleat for Anchor Rope
Welded cross thwarts front and rear


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