The Infanta 6.7 LRi is unique in its class! With a large storage compartment in the stern section of the boat, a bilge drain compartment, two watertight hatches below deck, built-in sun deck with removable seats, fold down table, large fuel compartment below deck underneath the console as well as two storage compartments inside the console, this gives the 6.7 LRi a big advantage over its competitors – not even to mention the luxury deck layout and perfect hull design! The Infanta 6.7 LRi is the best all rounder boat in its class!

Standard Features
• Integral nose anchor box with seat and watertight hatches below deck.

• Moulded back seat, back rest and splash well combination

• Perfectly balanced console

• Non-slip moulded deck

• Excellent performance and handling with a comfortable dry ride

• Sun deck


Optional extras
Bow rail

• Console rail

• Helm seat and GRP lean post

• Built-in fuel tank

• Ski bar

• Stainless steel T-top

• Keel strip

• Rod holders

• PVC or PU double skin

• Boat cover

• Sun canopy

• Bilge pump

• Navigation and electronic equipment

• Fold down table

Length - 6700mm
Length on Trailer - 7400mm
Inside Length - 5650mm
Beam - 2500mm
Beam In - 1500mm
Compartments - 6
Pass. - 10
Rec Hp - 90-175 hp
Empty Weight - 510kg


Infanta 6.7 LRI

Boat, Motor (150hp Honda), Trailer Package -




    *  Console                                                *  Bow rail                                  

    *  Ski bar                                                  *  Keel strip

    *  Helm seat                                             *  Welded tubes

    *  Bow & stern seat                                   *  Sun deck

    *  Fold down table